Varsity Fanclub

Varsity Fanclub

Varsity Fanclub, also known as the Pentarchs of Clothar, was a boy band serving as the alias for a group of five dictators from the Clothar Galaxy. The members were known on Earth as Jake, Thomas, Bobby, Drew, and David.

The group used a warphole generator powered by the screams of tweenage girls to create a warphole big enough to teleport themselves back home. They tried five times to create a warphole before they would have succeeded, each progressively larger, starting from New York to Toledo to Albany to Kalamazoo to Cleveland, then finally to Metro Theater. The group was thwarted by the Middleman, Wendy Watson, and the late Commander Mark II Cindy of the Clotharian Rebel Fleet. ("The Boyband Superfan Interrogation")

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