"I told them that signing the Treaty of Periperpagilium was a mistake! Now everyone suddenly wants to know why you're killing them and how they're going to die."
-Maximum Aldwin

The Treaty of Periperpagilium was a document signed by the Clotharians, among others. Among its contents is a Disclosure Provision, which stipulates that, upon request, signatories who have attacked others must inform their victims why and how they are being attacked.

Then-High Aldwin, Supreme Commander of the Clotharian Rebel Fleet, advised his superiors against signing the treaty, but they did so anyway. Later, when he had been promoted to Maximum Aldwin, he discovered that his advice was wise, as he was forced to disclose to the Middleman and Wendy Watson the nature of his Nano-Bot attack on Ida, which enabled them to foil the attack. ("The Boyband Superfan Interrogation")

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