Pip's Building is an apartment complex run by Pip, though it is owned by his father. Pip has illegally sublet the apartments out to a number of fellow artists. His father gives him money to pay for the building's security, but Pip keeps the money and lowers Joe 90's rent so Joe will use surveillance cameras on the building instead. Wendy Watson and Lacey Thornfield's illegal sublet is located in this building.

All of the denizens of the building have artistic specialties:

  • Wendy (6B) - semi-abstract expressionist painting
  • Lacey (6B) - confrontational spoken word performance
  • Noser - guitar and spoken word (and secretly ventriloquism)
  • Anvil - metalworking
  • Pip - spoken word and painting
  • Joe 90 (5A) - phallic sculpture
  • Jamie - Tarot

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