The Clotharians are a humanoid race of aliens nature to Clothar V. Their galaxy has been embroiled in civil war for some time, with rebels fighting against a government formerly led by the Pentarchs of Clothar.

Though Clotharians appear human, the repeated simian jibes of Aldwin against the Middleman as being, "primate", "gibbon", and "hairless ape" suggest the two species are not closely related. Clotharians bleed green, and when they die their bodies disintegrate. Cindy Marshall had the ability to project stunning lightning from her hands, but it is unknown whether this is a feature common to all Clotharians, or a skill she picked up in Special Forces training.

Known Clotharians are:

  • Aldwin, Supreme Commander of the Clotharian Rebel Fleet
  • Kothalian Ree, also known as Cindy Marshall, Commander Mark II in the Clotharian Rebel Fleet Special Forces
  • The five members of Varsity Fanclub, who are in reality the Pentarchs of Clothar

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