"Mendelson's hosting a gala dinner and dance cruise tonight on his ostentatious private ocean liner, which he'll no doubt tell you is three feet longer than the Queen Mary, and eighty-six feet longer than the Titanic."

Arthur Mendelson's Ocean Liner was an ostentatious private craft, which, as Mendelson was fond of pointing out, was three feet longer than the Queen Mary, and eighty-six feet longer than the Titanic. It was a massive craft with at least a dozen decks, all of them richly apportioned. The craft was so large that Wendy Watson estimated it would take a month or two to search the entire ship.

The ship had a stereo setup which enabled sound to be broadcast from the central ballroom to every part of the ship. The ocean liner was equipped with harpoon cannons along its deck rails.

After stealing Cecil Rogers's Tuba, Mendelson hosted an invite-only party for every fellow Titanic fetishist onboard the ship so he could gloat. He intended for the centerpiece of the party to be a string quartet and the tuba playing "Nearer, My God, to Thee", and had Wendy and the Middleman detained in the ship's brig when they tried to recover the cursed tuba. Fortunately, they escaped and destroyed the tuba before it could be played.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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